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Snowmobile Studs & Runners and Twist Screws-Off Road Tire Studs

Taking off, steering, and stopping on hard pack snow, mud or ice is unpredictable...
when you don't have enough traction.

So, what’s going on?


  • You don't have enough track studs or carbide in the runner.
  • You don't have a proper balance of studs and carbide for your snowmobile.

Woody's has been helping you eliminate slipping & sliding for over 40 years. You want to  enjoy the outdoors and have fun driving your snowmobile. Woody's snowmobile track studs and carbide ski runners provide grip on the trail. All this stud and runner knowledge is available to you FREE.

Look up your sled to find out:

  • How many studs to install
  • Which carbide runners to use
  • What pattern to install the studs
  • How to install the studs

Off-Road Tire Vehicles

  • Your lugs don't have enough grip.
  • You need to stop the spin & slip

Unfortunately, it only snows in the winter-but you still need traction for all the other stuff you ride on.  Woody's has applied their traction expertise to all the other vehicles you have for play and work. We have a Twist Screw for every tire in your garage, pole barn and at work.

Check out  Twist Screws to find out:

  • Which vehicles they can be used on.
  • How many screws to install.
  • Which screw length to use.
  • How to install screws.

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